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Shot 3Shot 2-123

They say never work with children and animals, I didn’t listen. I have always loved doing photo shoots with kids. It can be challenging but mostly great fun and so rewarding. My favourite game as a child was dressing up and I suppose I’ve never wanted this fun to stop.

Shot 8-155

So what happens on these shoots? Well in the stylist’s case so much happens before you even get to the shoot. First of all, the client briefs me by phone or email. Then I’m out in all weathers sourcing the clothes, accessories and props. Most days I’m staggering up and down Oxford Street laden with clothes like a glorified bag lady. Kids clothes vary so much in sizes so I tend to get 3 different sizes per child – so all those bags weigh a ton. Well at least I get a free daily workout!

Dress DKNY
Dress DKNY

Just before the shoot a meeting with the client and photographer happens. I always think it’s the stylist’s version of the primary school “Show and Tell.” I take everything into the offices for approval and we thoroughly go through the clothes and props. Everyone then knows what we are doing and a shot list can be compiled.

Clothes Their Nibs and Ralph Lauren
Clothes Their Nibs and Ralph Lauren

Then comes the shoot day! The crew – photographer, assistant, make-up artist and stylist arrive at least an hour before the kids. Preparation is everything. I hang up all the clothes on rails and lay out all the accessories and props. As any parent know kids get bored very easily. So as soon as the little ones breeze into the studio, they are whisked into make-up, quickly dressed and on the set before they can say er, ‘cheese’. I love styling kids because of their playful nature you can get away with dressing them up as theatrically as you wish! I usually choose one hero piece like a mad hat, vintage spectacles or eccentric prop and style the look around it.

Clothes Ralph Lauren
Clothes Ralph Lauren

To get the best shots it’s vital to have a good natured, patient team that can really engage with the kids. The photographer takes the lead, either directing the children or setting up little games for them and then capturing that magical moment when the kids are engrossed in play. The stylist is also expected to be the entertainer. I have a Mary Poppins style bag packed with balloons, party blowers and bubbles. I’m a wow with my feather tickling stick – Ken Dodd would be proud. Over the years I have learnt every dance move by The Spice Girls, The Macarena, every flipping verse of ‘The Wheels Of The Bus’ and my knowledge of One Direction is legendary!

Shot 3-137

But what about the tantrums you ask? What tantrums? We leave those to the supermodels.



photography Richard Burns, Hair & Make-up Sally Kvalheim, Styling Becky John, Location


Myleene Klass for  embargoed until 00.01 6th October 2014.jpg


Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to musician and presenter Myleene Klass’s AW14/15 fashion launch in the Sanderson Hotel. By the time I pitched up, hoards of paps were waiting outside the venue all vying for the best position to photograph Ms Klass. No one was disappointed when this mother of two eventually arrived looking stunning and SO shapely in a tightly fitted orange maxi dress and smattering of gold jewellery.


I left the electrical storm of flash bulbs and made my way to the Penthouse where the party was in full swing. Since 2012 when Klass joined force with her collection has gone from strength to strength. The Myleene range now includes fashion, lingerie and make-up too.



It wasn’t long before Myleene breezed into the press show looking radiant. She had changed from her show stopping number into a more ‘girly girl’ 50’s floral dress. Myleene happily mixed with all the journalists, stylists and bloggers. She’s very bubbly and her infectious laugh shows off her great sense of fun.


Myleene was keen to show off the rails of clothes at the launch. I studied the new range carefully. There is a great mix of clothes – tight shift dresses to relaxed sweaters, marshmallow pink faux fur coats to sexy red leather shifts.

Marlene explains she wants everyone to be included. “I always try and design for all shapes, all ages, all sizes.”



The lingerie range was really impressive. There’s a good array of colours and styles and I was very pleased that the range goes from 32B to 40E. These larger sizes are much appreciated by us more voluptuous ladies.


The make-up range looked beautiful too. Sporting Myleene’s signature leopard print on the packaging, it would look great on anyone’s dressing table. Like me this lady loves a bit of animal print.



But what I really LOVED was the eveningwear collection. Anyone who thought that was just for the older lady or great for dressing the kids has to think again when they see this collection. It is Klassy with a capital K !


The strapless, sequin studded leopard print evening dress, £249 and the black leather, fishtail ball gown, £219 are take your breath away stylish and look so current. They really are designer looks at amazing prices. As Myleene so proudly says,

“My collection is designed to provide affordable luxury for every woman – you deserve it”


I’m not surprised these pieces are selling like hot cakes. In the fashion world this is ground breaking stuff, shaking off any old fuddy-duddy catalogue image. People will see the brand in a new light. It has to be praised.


Well I’ve been swayed. I’ve put my order in for the leather dress and really hoping   to raise a few eyebrows at the Christmas party – just need to lose a couple of pounds now…..







It was a chilly winters day when we arrived early in Glemham Hall, a magnificent stately home, in the heart of Suffolk. The team – photographer Richard Burns, Hair & Make-Up artist Sally Kvalheim, model Jessica from Models 1 and I, the stylist were all excited about our ‘showgirl’ shoot.


Photo shoots always sound so glamorous and although I wouldn’t trade in my job for anything else, behind the scenes, the reality can be quite different ! The first task in the morning is lugging all the props, clothes and heavy photographic equipment into the location. Glemham Hall really is a huge rambling house, originally built in 1560 and is packed with eclectic furniture and priceless antiques. We were shooting in one of the upstairs wings so we had to do umpteen trips, schlepping equipment through the meandering maze of rooms.


Lingerie by Fauve Lingerie. Kimono by Beyond Retro
Lingerie by Fauve Lingerie. Kimono by Beyond Retro

Eventually we chose a space which we used as our dressing room. I set up my rails and hung up all the gorgeous showgirl outfits, meanwhile Sally positioned her beauty quarters by a large window so she had the best possible light to do make-up and hair.


Whilst Sally was creating a fabulous look on model Jessica, Richard and I had a good look around Glemham Hall. How had he found this impressive location?

“When we first moved to Suffolk, we met other creative people who all said we should take a look at Glemham. I did and fell in love with it.” Explained Richard, “ I loved the faded grandeur, the rooms look opulent yet slightly crumbling in places. Photographically it really is a stunning place.”


Silk dress by Vera Mont
Silk dress by Vera Mont

We weren’t the first photographic team to shoot here. In fact it has long been a favourite with Tim Walker, a hugely inspirational photographer whose breathtakingly beautiful and magically eccentric work has graced the pages of Vogue, Love and I-D.


Glemham Hall was the perfect theatrical backdrop for the shoot. I wanted the sense of silver screen glamour with our starlet ‘dressing up’ in silk lingerie through to dramatic satin, feather and sequin stage wear.


Lingerie by Dolci Follie, Shoes, Louboutin
Lingerie by Dolci Follie, Shoes, Louboutin

Model, Jessica made the shots look effortless. You wouldn’t believe that most of the outfits had been so pinned down the back she could hardly move. Or the fact that it was so cold in our wing you could see your own breath! After every shot we would throw blankets over Jessica to try and stop her from turning blue!


Photographer Richard cleverly turned the cold, dull day to our advantage, balancing the daylight with artificial light for a beautiful radiant look.

All in all we were a great team and the shots look amazing. As we were leaving I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful garden and sculpture park. Perhaps we could shoot something fabulous in the grounds next summer. I do hope so – Fingers crossed.


All photography copyright Richard Burns
Glemham Hall. All photography copyright Richard Burns